Our Summer 2017 F1 Sheepadoodle Litter

Our Summer 2017 F1 Sheepadoodle Litter

This is our beautiful summer 2017 litter! The dam of this litter is Lennon, and the sire is Prince Edward.

Lennon has such a fun, sweet, and goofy personality, and she has the most wonderful temperament. Lennon is also a beauty. Prince Edward has  a very mellow temperament. He loves to cuddle, and is the sweetest Standard Poodle you will ever meet. He acts just like a proper gentleman. He has a handsome build, and has very unique markings. These two have had the most beautiful pups!

On the evening before July 20, 2017, These puppies’ mother started to get very antsy. More than normal for a pregnant dam. She did not want to be away from her humans. She had to go everywhere that you went. Her eyes looked exhausted, like she hadn’t slept in days. Then a little before midnight, Lennon started to have contractions, and it was time for puppies! We stayed up until 6:30am whelping her puppies. We were so tired, but it was so worth it. She had five females and three males. Her labor went very well, and the pups were all healthy. The pups all latched and were happy as can be! Lennon was exhausted, and so glad to have her babies with her. She is an exquisite mother.

Two days later, we took the pups to our wonderful veterinarian to get their dewclaws removed! For the next couple of weeks, the puppies loved nursing, and gained the best nutrients from their mother. They were nursing champions!

They grew older and started eating soft food when they were four weeks old. They started growing like weeds after this! It is crazy how fast that they grow! We like to feed them a very high protein puppy food! The better the food they eat, the better they feel, and grow! It is so important to be giving your dogs and puppies the right fuel for their bodies! They have a ton of energy, and need the proper food to function!

We also love to make sure that these puppies have a lot of socialization. Puppies need socializing, so that they can do well around others and different situations as they grow! We make sure that these pups are socialized with other animals, strangers, and people of all ages. We work on socialization skills every day. We also work with them so they are submissive. Our Sheepadoodles get lots of love. Our Son of a Poodle family loves to snuggle and play with these puppies. Our youngest family member, Delaney Brighton, enjoys cuddling and loving the pups. Her favorite word to say is “Doggies!” We have several children in our extended family, and they all like to come over at least once a week to hold and play with the puppies!

Now they are getting close to six weeks old, and are more fun than ever! These pups will be getting their first vaccinations this week! They will also be dewormed. Then they will have one more vaccination, and dewormer before they go home!

These pups are almost ready to go to their new homes, but for now, they are all extremely happy and healthy. We enjoy sharing our experiences and love for these dogs with you!


The Son of a Poodle Family


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