Our Dogs

Meet our Dogs! 

We would love for you to meet our dog family! These are our pets, and we take pride in our dogs. They are all very well trained and are fabulous family dogs. We love taking them swimming, and they all love to play fetch! We love to share our love for our dogs with you! We make sure all of our dogs are extremely healthy, and they all have health checks regularly. Welcome to our family!

The Dams

Meet Brighton’s Twinkle Little Star! We Call her Star for short! This mama is our best dog ever! Literally. Star has incredible manners, is great with kids, and is the sweetest dog you will ever meet. This girl is an impeccable mama and is so good with her puppies.

Star has the perfect build; she is big and beautiful. She weighs in at 72lbs and is 24″ tall at the shoulder. This mama has gorgeous markings. She has a very happy, people pleasing disposition. Star is a lover, she would take care of all of our other dogs, and our family if she could! She is very nurturing, and definitely has a mother’s touch. You will fall in love with this fabulous mama, just as we have.


Introducing Delaney’s Pretty Please with Sprinkles on Top! We like to call her Sprinkles. She is one of our AKC Old English Sheepdogs! Weighing in at 63lbs and 23″ tall at the withers. This girl is one happy pup. Her favorite thing in the world is her people. She loves to love. Sprinkles is a very attentive and intuitive dog. She is the best girl. Loving long walks with her mom. 


Meet Delaney’s Princess Sophia! We like to call her Sophie! Our little girl is absolutely enthralled with the show Sophia the First! Therefore, we naturally had to name this sweet girl Princess Sophia! This gorgeous girl is another one of our AKC Old English Sheepdogs! This girl has very nice lineage and has gorgeous conformation.

She is a ball of fun! Harley and Sophie are the best of friends. They would play together all day long. Sophie is probably our most athletic dog in the family. She is extremely fast and loves to run. Sophie races the other dogs, and always wins. Sophia is very smart as well! She has also attended Scotch Pines Dog training and has done extremely well! She knows all of her commands and also has fabulous off leash training.


Meet Drysdale’s Crown Jewel Isabella! We call her Izzy for short! She is and Akc Standard Parti Poodle! She is Prince Edward’s daughter! She is a gorgeous white and dark chocolate color! She was born on December 26, 2015! She was our late Christmas present! She is such a fabulous dog. She is very well mannered and is extremely smart! She graduated from Scotch Pines Dog Training and did exquisite! She is a very sweet and loving dog. You will absolutely fall head over heels for this beauty! Isabella weighs 55lbs and is 23″ tall at the shoulder.


The Sires

This is our handsome sire, Delaney’s Prince Fitzpatrick.  We like to call him Fitz for short. He is a purebred parti standard poodle, with a wonderful personality. He is a very gentle dog and loves to play with young children!  What is a parti standard poodle?  It is a poodle that is at least fifty percent white, with spots or patches of any other acceptable solid color. It is the rarest color; it is hardly ever seen. As you can see Fitz is a black/white parti poodle weighing in at 63lbs and 24″ tall at the shoulder.

His coat is hypoallergenic, and he will pass this great gene down to his kids! What does a hypoallergenic mean? Low in allergens, and a added bonus is they DO NOT shed! Edward has the sweetest personality and surely passes it down to his children.  He is definitely a very lovable dog and a great daddy!

Introducing Delaney’s Ohmazing Ohtani! This incredible man is a black and white tuxedo F1 Sheepadoodle. Named after Ohtani the baseball player, but equally as amazing.  Ohtani is the offspring of Lennon and Edward. He weighs in at 80lbs. This boy has a temperament of gold. Ohtani is a trained therapy dog. He provides service to children at The Children’s Advocacy Center, The Ronald McDonald House, and the United States Attorney’s Office for the Central District of California. As well as adaptive therapy for The Help for Brain Injured Children Facility. This boy was selected as The Underdog for the NFL’s Mr. Irrelevant week. To top off his list of skills, he is also a trained actor! He was chosen to be Sandy in the county production of the musical Annie. This boy is impeccable, and we are thrilled that he is one of our sires.

Look at this handsome man, Delaney’s Jackson Sky! He is a purebred AKC Old English Sheepdog. Jackson is the goofiest and most handsome dog you’ll ever meet. Jack weighs in around 75lbs and 25″ tall at the shoulder. He has one blue eye, and one brown eye. Our favorite thing about this boy is that he will do anything to make you smile. He has a personality of gold, and his babies inherit that fun personality. Jackson is the most lovable dog that you’ll ever meet. Be prepared to fall in love with him. 


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