“It’s hard to put into words how amazing we think Birdie is- she is social, bubbly, curious, sweet, and relentlessly happy. Her charming and social personality makes her a great companion to tag along with me on adventures outside of the house, joining me for days at the office or being my buddy as I run errands around the city. In the house she is our shadow, never more than a few feet away. She welcomes guests into our home with a smile and wag, and allows toddlers and children to pet her and hug her without hesitation or annoyance even though she doesn’t have kids in the house to practice with. But she’s so much more than just her great disposition- she’s also smart and quick to learn. She really enjoys training and learning new tricks, and gets very excited when she masters new skills. She’s connected with us and reads our body language and emotions, smiling (yes, smiling!) with us when we’re happy and celebrating, and leaning calmly against us when we’re stressed or upset. She’s also very athletic and can run circles around our Husky/Aussie mix, but doesn’t bounce off the walls inside our home. She has been a fantastic addition to our family, and I’d pick her a million times again. Son of a Poodle was also great to work with, they were responsive and engaged, and clearly care deeply for their dogs and puppies.

Hope you’re all doing well,


We just love our sheepadoodle Skipper!
I’m so glad I came across Sonofapoodle website when we were looking to get our dog.
Our dog Skipper brings us such joy!
He has a very happy disposition and is a very loving dog.
We had never gone through the process of getting on a waiting list for a dog but we wanted a sheepadoodle and there werent  many available in our area.
Our dog Skipper not only has a great personality but his coat and markings make him very unique and special so it was well worth the wait.  We get asked all the time where did you get that dog?
It turned out to be kind of fun waiting for your puppy to be born and getting to choose.
It was very new to us to putting money down on a dog we never  seen that wasn’t even born yet but I’m so glad we did and got on the list early!  We were high on the list and got the exact dog we wanted.   
Skipper is over a year old now and he weighs 87 pounds. We wanted a big dog and we got a big dog. 
Skipper loves the water and is good on the boat while he goes fishing with my husband on the weekends
Recently we decided to add another dog to the mix.
To be honest I was a bit afraid of bringing a puppy around such a big dog like Skipper.
He was amazing with the new puppy
Skipper and Gilligan are the best of friends now and it’s great to see them get along so well
I highly recommend Sonofapoodle  because they breed fantastic dogs 
Picking up our dog was also fun because I had never been to Idaho and it was absolutely beautiful to see.  The views on our drive were breathtaking.   
Sonofapoodle breeders are top of the line professional and reliable
I highly recommend Sonofapoodle breeders

Kathleen from Texas


We can’t recommend Sonofapoodle high enough! Alyssa helped us decide which litter to pick from and then which puppy would fit our family the best. We love Jack! (from Lennon and Edward’s litter fall ‘18) Jack is currently 7 months old. He loves being outside, playing fetch, walks, cuddling his bear and he loves people! He thinks he should fit in our laps, but at over 50 pounds we are trying to help him curb that desire. We are so happy we chose a sheepadoodle, especially this cute guy. Thanks Sonofapoodle!

Christina Copitzky


We’ve had our sheepadoodle Doc for just over a year, and he has been such a blessing. He is calm, smart, and his cuddling could put a cat to shame. Doc has been easy to train, is a great traveler, and is wonderful around kids and other dogs. Working with Son of a Poodle was very easy and we thank them for making such wonderful family members.

Lacey Moore


All of my communication about the puppies leading up to the point of picking Seger was with Alyssa. She was very responsive to all my questions (texting) and I appreciate that as I believe she was as excited about the pups as me. What I really enjoyed about the process of selecting this breeder was that it is a family affair. Mom, Dad, Daughter, etc…they are all involved in the business of caring for the dogs they breed and the pups they sell. Their house was open for me to meet the sire and dam…wonderful parents for the puppies and a chance to see their demeanor. When the puppies were born, pictures were texted, posted, videos sent. Again, their home was open for me to visit the pups and make my selection. Alyssa and her family are special people and the dogs they breed reflect their love. Our puppy-Seger- is fun, smart, playful, and the life of the party. Wherever we take him, everyone wants a picture with him. They always say “he seems like he is smiling.” We love him and are thankful such caring breeders like Alyssa and her family are still out there.

Best regards,

Derek Grewatz

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