At Son of a Poodle, we understand the importance of having a well trained puppy! We have partnered with Puppy Steps Training to allow you to have access to the best possible training out there for your new addition to your family! We highly recommend them, and stand behind everything they do! If you are looking for a professional trainer, look no further! Puppy Steps Training will do everything your puppy needs! 

Here is a message from our dear friends at Puppy Steps Training!

The Value of a Trained Puppy

Their is no better companion than a trained one. We feel taking the time to make sure your puppy is trained while they are young will be one of your best life investments. Puppy hood only lasts a few months and lifelong behaviors are developed during this critical time. Having professional training is a small investment with huge benefits for the rest of the dog’s life. Not only will you be able to avoid accidents in the home you will also be able to enjoy your new puppy with more ease. House training can be frustrating and difficult and take a long time if done incorrectly. Professional training lays a solid foundation of correct potty habits from the beginning.

Owning a well-trained dog is an incredible once or twice in a lifetime experience. A family dog will be a large part of the home/family for the next 10-15 years, it’s worth the investment to get it right from the beginning rather than have to solve problems down the road. Training can give peace of mind for owners especially families with small children because they know how to avoid accidents and implement correct behaviors. The family dog is part of the family and can cause either a lot of stress, money and frustration for everyone or contribute to everyone’s happiness depending on if they are under control or not.

As a final point training prevents a puppy from ending up in a shelter or having to be put down as an adult for bad behavior. Train your puppy now so he will not have to pay for his incorrect behavior later. Here at Puppy Steps Training we pride ourselves in our ability to train any puppy to be well rounded and well-adjusted, and who will be able to transition smoothly to your home. Our positive based 6-8 week program concentrates on Socialization, Manners, Basic Obedience, House Training, Crate Training and Leash Training. Giving you the opportunity to have an ideal puppy who will listen to you and avoid the traditional puppy problems. Visit our website to find out everything your puppy will know how to do when he comes to your home!

These are some pictures of only a few of Son of a Poodles Sheepadoodles that we have trained. Throughout our years of experience we have come to know and love all of their breeds. They have high training ability and are extremely loving companions. They have a beautiful little to no shedding coat and unique coat designs. These puppies love to play but are also wonderful at coming inside and relaxing with the family. We would suggest a Sheepadoodle, Old English Sheepdog or a Standard Poodle to any family looking for a large breed!



Brad and Ami Phillips

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